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Remote Learning Resources for students and parents


Key staff members to contact for questions or concerns reguarding remote learning. By clicking on the person's name, you can send an email to that person.

Kirsten Larson, Principal
Paul Parris, Assistant Principal
Wanda Dingman, Assitant Principal
Wendy Garcia, School counselor 347-852-1373
Ignacia Reyes, Parent Coordinator 929-299-6878
Alvaro Gonzalez, Technology Speicalist 347-994-9307

Schedule for Blended Learning


Each cohort will be in school a total of 5 days every two weeks. Students will find out what cohort they are in Wednesday 8/26 via their Marble Hill email or for incoming students via parent/guarcdian or student email on file or phone call.

Please email klarson@marblehillschool.org if you have not received information on what days your child will be attending school this fall in the blended learning program.

It is very important for all Parent/Guardians and students to understand that while students will be in school part-time, they must bring a computer to and from school as they will have to complete work for their classes online.We currently have a number of teachers that will be working remotely and more may be approved for this in the coming weeks.

If your child does not have a device, you may request one from the NYCDOE.

Navigating Google Classroom
Our teachers have created these videos to help you get acquainted with Google Classroom.
One video is in English and one in Spanish.
Thank you Mr. Hamilton and Ms. Lyons


Get started with Google Classroom with this quick tutorial.


Introduccion a Google Classroom.

New York Urban League resources for Junior and Senior students

New York Urban League

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